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1. Only interesting chess site or chess product, legal one, may be advertised. Also, please be advised that the Advertisement System is being under beta test. Therefore, only the 30-Day Free Trial option is available now.

2. The advertisement is conducted via the banner 680 by 100 pixels embedded into some PDF eBooks, which are published at See a sample of the banner at the bottom of this page.

3. The 30-Day Free Trial option is designed for you to estimate the advertisement results. To request for the Free Trial option, please email at with the following information, like in this example:

- Type: 30-Day Free Trial Option.
- Banner 1st Line: Elo Calculator for FIDE - Chess Program - Shareware (55 characters, including spaces, see sample).
- Banner 2nd Line: Handy tool for FIDE chess players to calculate all Elo results for chess tournaments. (85 characters, including spaces, see sample).
- Banner 3rd Line: Requires MS Windows OS. Shareware. License $14.95 or $17.95 (for 2 computers). (85 characters, including spaces, see sample).
- Ad by (Banner 4th Line): (35 characters, including spaces, see sample).
- Page Internet Address (This Page must be open by clicking on your banner): (see sample).
- Email Address (This must be your valid email address to contact you):

4. Your advertisement banner may be embedded within the next 5-10 days after we receive your email. In this case, you will be informed by email on the advertisement start date, end date, and inside which eBooks the banner was embedded.

5. Under the Free Trial option, the same chess domain may be advertised only once. In addition to the Free Trial option, the Pay option may be also available, but only after beta test. For now, your banner will be embedded in eBook 1 from this list.

6. If this PDF eBook Banner Advertisement system shows its ineffectiveness during the beta test, the system will be disregarded.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Bohdan Vovk, Site Owner
Yuri Vovk, FIDE Grandmaster
Andrey Vovk, FIDE International Master
The Programming Team

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