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Improve your chess | Chess Puzzle 1:  The most famous endgame puzzle in chess

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Online Puzzle 1: White to move and draw.
White to move and draw       Online Puzzle 1 [Answer at the bottom]
* Online Puzzle 1 Hints
Chess Puzzle 1 is a chess masterpiece and the most famous chess puzzle in chess. Many players were surprised, many articles written. It is simplicity and incredibility. To draw, White must take the Black pawn or promote his own. The Black king is too close and the White king is too far away. But if White moves his king diagonally to fight on two fronts at the same time...

* Online Puzzle 1 Data
1. Author: Richard Reti (1889-1929). Austrian-Hungarian, Czechoslovakian player, famous chess composer. The inventor of the Reti maneuver in chess.
2. Year:    1921.  ~ Share:   Facebook   Twitter   Google Plus

Online Puzzles for Intermediate Chess Players 1-30 and More

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On this page, you can find the online chess puzzles. They are designed for intermediate chess players to improve chess endgame skill, the solution hints provided. See the links to the online chess puzzles just below.

At the top right, you can see the link to the chess puzzles for chess beginners. They are designed to improve the initial combination skill. You can also see and download chess puzzles pdf ebooks at the middle of this page.

I. Online Puzzles for Intermediate Players 1-30 and More:

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* The line below is Answer to Online Puzzle 1

Online Puzzle 1. Author: Richard Reti. Puzzle year: 1921. White to move and draw.

* The Answer to Online Puzzle 1
1.Kg7!  h4
2.Kf6!   Kb6
[2... h3 3.Ke7 1/2-1/2]
3.Ke5!     ...
• Variant A:
3...      Kxc6
4.Kf4    1/2-1/2
• Variant B:
3...      h3
4.Kd6   1/2-1/2
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II. The Chess Puzzle PDF eBooks:

The chess pdf ebooks section of is dedicated to chess puzzles. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar program to open and read the ebooks. There are 7 pdf ebooks in this section, see then below.

Note. If your web browser opens the ebook in its window instead of downloading, you can save the ebook as pdf file on your computer by using the browser menu: File - Save Page As... Make sure that the file extention is .pdf.

1. "16 Chess Checkmate Puzzles" pdf ebook is 16 selected chess puzzles on the direct checkmate topic. The compilation includes 4 two-movers and 12 three-movers. To download this ebook, click the link below:
"16 Chess Checkmate Puzzles" [96 KB]

2. "16 Mini Two-movers. Checkmate Puzzles" pdf ebook is 16 mini chess puzzles on the direct checkmate topic, only two-movers. There are no more than 5 chess pieces on the board. The ebook is nice mini brain-teasers for chess beginners. To download this ebook, click the link below:
"16 Mini Two-movers. Checkmate Puzzles" [108 KB]

3. "Chess Combination Puzzles" pdf ebook is 24 chess puzzles selected from the real chess games and theoretical training positions on the following topics: win the queen, win the rook, win the bishop, win the knight. To download this ebook, click the link below:
"Chess Combination Puzzles" [124 KB]

4. "Typical Chess Combination Puzzles. Part 1" pdf ebook is to help you learn the main typical combinations in chess. Part 1 contains 10 typical combinations of 20. Each chess combination is demonstrated with 1 example to learn and 1-2 puzzles to solve: The Fork, The Double Strike, The Discovered Check, The Mill... To download Part 1, click the following link:
"Typical Chess Combination Puzzles. Part 1" [126 KB]

5. "Typical Chess Combination Puzzles. Part 2" pdf ebook is the second part of the previous eBook. Part 2 contains typical combinations 11-20. Each chess combination is demonstrated with 1 example to learn and 2 puzzles to solve: Block the Line, The Break Through, The Diversion, The Pin, The Zuzwang Idea, The Stalemate Idea... To download Part 2, click the link below:
"Typical Chess Combination Puzzles. Part 2" [136 KB]

6. "Chess Openings Puzzles" pdf ebook is 32 chess opening puzzles to help you recognize the main chess openings in chess. You will meet Ruy Lopez, Sicilian Defense, Latvian Gambit, and more. The eBook has cross-reference navigation and provides the puzzle answers with the first recognition moves for each chess opening. To download it, click the link below:
"Chess Openings Puzzles" [128 KB]

7. "250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles by Famous Chess Composers" [Demo] pdf ebook is a selection of best endgame puzzles by famous chess composers to improve chess endgame. For chess masters and intermediate players. Easy navigation to the Solutions section and back. The Demo version includes the first 24 chess puzzles of the Full version. To download it, click the link below:
"250/350 Chess Endgame Puzzles by Famous Chess Composers" [165 KB]

* About This Page
This is the main page of for chess puzzles. The puzzles are divided into 3 sections: I. Online Chess Puzzles for Intermediate Players, II. Chess Puzzles for Beginners, and III. Chess Puzzle PDF eBooks.

Chess Puzzles for Chess Beginners

This page includes 2 types of puzzles: 1. Chess Puzzles Online - Endgame Famous and 2. Chess Puzzle PDF eBooks on checkmate, combinations and endgame.


Online Chess Puzzle 1 for intermediate players is at the top of this page, the links to other Online Chess Puzzles at the middle. You can find the download links to chess puzzle pdf ebooks just above. More chess puzzles to follow...


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