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1. FIDE - Tournament Announcements
Chess tournament announcements at the FIDE website. Biggest up to date worldwide chess tournament calendar.[ read more # 1 ]

2. USCF - Tournament Announcements
National tournaments. Grand Prix tournaments. Foreign tournaments. Tournament listings by states.[ read more # 2 ],com_wrapper/Itemid,199

3. Tournament Calendar
A comprehensive and detailed world calendar. Free, free subscribsion 5 days, yearly subscription at $9.95. [ read more # 3 ]

The links' description:

1. FIDE - Tournament Announcements
This is a deep link of When you open the page, you will see the chess tournaments for the current Month. Each tournament is listed line by line, with email and website addresses. At the very right, you can find and use controls to search for active tournaments, tournaments by continent, by type (standard, rapid, blitz), and make quick jump to find the tournaments for the next months.[ go to link 1 ]

2. USCF - Tournament Announcements
This is a deep link of When you open the page, you will see the links to National Events, Grand Prix Events, and Foreign Events. Below you will see Tournament Listings by State. Just click a link you need.[ go to link 2 ]

3. Tournament Calendar
This is a deep link of Good for professional chess players. To subscribe, click Subscribe Now. Main Menu Items: 10 days, Calendar, Events, Find Club & Player, Closed Tournaments, Announcements. For free, you have access to tournaments for the current month. 10 days is a game database for the newest games in PGN or CBV file format. Find Club & Player is for the chess players who are searching for a club. [ go to link 3 ]

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