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Endgame Study is chess software and best selection of chess endgame puzzles
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Endgame Study (the program name) is chess software and a best selection of chess endgame puzzles created by famous composers. It is designed for intermediate and advanced chess players to learn the winning ideas of chess endgame. It runs on a Windows PC (desktop or notebook) with a minimum screen resolution of 800x600.

To download the program, click the link below:

Endgame Study 1.50 zip setup 414 KB

To get more information about the program, please read below:

• Endgame Study has 2 versions: the demo version and the full version. The demo version provides 57 chess endgame puzzles. The full version provides 857.

• The endgame puzzles placed in the order of the publishing year. The demo version displays 57 puzzles published from 1808 to 1899, the full version displays 857 published from 1808 to 1986.

• The licenses for the full version are issued on a per-computer basis (number of users on computer is not limited). The basic price is $12.00 USD per license (per computer).

• Endgame Study is distributed as setup wizard compressed into a single zip file.

• The full version is compiled personally and delivered to the licensee via e-mail within 3 working days. The file size of the full version is less than 5 MB.

• The licensee name is printed on the program title bars.

• The program is designed for intermediate and advanced chess players to learn the winning ideas of chess endgame.

• The program is not intended for the chess beginners due to the difficulty level of the endgame puzzles the chess beginner may solve only few of them.

• The program includes best studies of the following 215 chess composers.

• Analyze each position and learn from each chess puzzle learn how White and Black should play in different endgames. Analyze and learn the solutions for White and Black. Pay special attention to the moves marked as strong (!) and brilliant (!!) moves.

• The full version of Endgame Study provides more than 2000 winning ideas to learn see below a program screenshot and read the meaning of the term "winning idea."

• Just below is the screenshot of Endgame 48 of the demo version of Endgame Study. This endgame puzzle was created by Alexei Troitzky in 1896 (White to move and win), and it contains the following 2 winning ideas: Idea 1 (1. Na3+): The knight sacrifice and fork with check to put the Black knight away from the passed pawn. Idea 2 (2. d6): The pawn sacrifice to block the d6 square with opponent piece to avoid the Black knight stepping on it now you can promote the passed pawn.

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