Chess Puzzle 108

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Chess endgame puzzle 108
White to move and win
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 108 Solution Hints
There are chess players who are looking for endgame studies by Pogosjants because they are smart and have a specific drive... Many of then end in mate... Meet another endgame puzzle by Ernest Pogosjants. Hint 1: The position of the Black pawns, king, and rook is not good which can be used by White for win... Hint 2: First move the White rook to check... Hint 3: Maybe this endgame will also end in mate.

Puzzle 108 Data
1. Author: Ernest Pogosjants
2. Year:    1983

About the Author
Ernest Levonovich Pogosyants (19351990) was a Soviet-Armenian composer on chess problems and endgame studies and lived in Ukraine. For all his life, he suffered from insomnia. Ernest Levonovich Pogosyants published many chess problems and studies and is considered one of the most prolific of all chess composers. He won 22 first prizes for his chess compositions and was awarded the title of Grandmaster for his beautiful endgame studies.

Puzzle Recommendations
You may solve this chess puzzle online or using a real chess board. Find the puzzle answer (the puzzle solution) below. Analyze the solution to see the best moves for White and Black and learn the winning ideas of the chess endgame.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 108

The Puzzle Answer
1. Rd2+     Ke8
[1... Kc8?? 2. Rh2! 1-0]
2. Kc7!      Ra8
3. Rh2       Ra7+
4. Kb6       Rd7
5. Rh8#     1-0

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chess endgame puzzle 108

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