Chess Puzzle 115

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Chess endgame puzzle 115
White to move and win
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 115 Solution Hints
By having solved this endgame study by Alexei Troitzky you will learn a beautiful and practical winning idea how to promote the pawn to win... If you haven't met yet this winning idea, you will be surprised how it is easy to win this rook with pawn vs rook endgame. Hint 1: To win, White must promote the pawn. Hint 2: First move the pawn and the Black rook will attack the pawn to prevent its promotion. Hint 3: Then the White rook to move. Think how to deflect the Black rook from the pawn. And why it is possible to implement the rook deflection in this endgame.

Puzzle 115 Data
1. Author: Alexei Troitsky
2. Year:    1925

About the Author
Alexei Troitsky (18661942) is one of the greatest chess composers. He is considered the founder of the modern art of composing chess studies. In chess composition, the name of Alexei Troitsky stands at the same level as the name of Henri Rinck. Alexei Troitsky died of starvation during World War II at the siege of Leningrad where his chess composition notes were destroyed and lost. The composer's full name was Alexey Alexeyevich Troitsky. He was a Russian, and you may find his first name also written as Alexey and his family name spelled as Troitzky or Troitzki.

Puzzle Recommendations
You may solve this chess puzzle online or using a real chess board. Find the puzzle answer (the puzzle solution) below. Analyze the solution to see the best moves for White and Black and learn the winning ideas of the chess endgame.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 115

The Puzzle Answer
1. h7      Rh2
[See below how to win under 1... Rd8]
2. Rf1+   Kd2
3. Rf2+!! Rxf2
4. h8=Q   1-0
[1... Rd8 2. Rc6+ Kd1 3. Rd6+!! 1-0]

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chess endgame puzzle 115

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