Chess Puzzle 26

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Chess endgame puzzle 26
White to move and win
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 26 Solution Hints
A knight endgame puzzle by A. Troitzky on the knight checkmate or promoting the pawn in other variations. Just few hints for you: The White knight is the first piece to move... Create and use the locked position around the Black king... Calculate few variations, the main one ends in mate. Othe variations are intended to promote the pawn with the knight support.

Puzzle 26 Data
1. Author: A. Troitzky (1866-1942). A famous Russian chess composer. He is considered to be one of the greatest composers of chess endgame studies. He died of starvation during World War II in the besieged Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg).
2. Year:    1906

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 26

The Puzzle Answer
a/ The main variation:
1. Ng2! hxg3+ 2. Kg1 h5 3. Kh1 h4
4. Nf4# 1-0
[The king locked, the knight to mate]
b/ The second variation:
1... Kh2 2. Nxh4 Kh3 3. Nf5 h5
4. Kg1 h4 5. gxh4 1-0
[The knight to support the passed pawn]
c/ The third variation:
1... h5 2. Nxh4 Kh2 3. Ng2 1-0

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Chess endgame puzzle 26

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