Chess Puzzle 3

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Chess endgame puzzle 3
White to move and win
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Puzzle 3 Solution Hints
White must find the way to keep the Black rook immovable and allow moving only the Black king. Hint 1: The association with the following two words may help: "zigzag" and "ladder"... Hint 2: It is a long way down. At the end, checkmate at the bottom.

Puzzle 3 Data
1. Author: A. Troitzky (1866-1942), famous chess composer.
2. Year:    1899

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 3

The Puzzle Answer
1. Qa8    Kg1   2. Qa7+   Kh1
3. Qb7    Kg1   4. Qb6+   Kh1
5. Qc6    Kg1   6. Qc5+   Kh1
7. Qd5    Kg1   8. Qd4+   Kh1
9. Qe4    Kg1   10. Qe3+  Kh1
11. Qf3   Kg1   12. Qf1#  1-0

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Chess endgame puzzle 3

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