Chess Puzzle 33

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Chess endgame puzzle 33
White to move and win
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 33 Solution Hints
White cannot save both the pawn and the bishop. Give up the bishop because the pawn is more important as a candidate for promotion. First move the pawn on a3!! (learn below why not on a4)... The idea is to catch the Black rook, which will be limited in movement after taking the bishop on f1...

The Puzzle Data
1. Author: Fritz, Jindrich (1912-1984). A famous Czech composer.
2. Year:    Unknown

Puzzle Recommendations
You may solve this chess puzzle online or using a real chess board. Find the puzzle answer (the puzzle solution) below. Analyze the solution to see the best moves for White and Black and learn the winning ideas of the chess endgame.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 33

The Puzzle Answer
1. a3!!       Rxf1+
[Learn below why 1. a3!! but not 1. a4?]
2. Ke2        Rf4
[2... Rc1? (Rg1, Rh1) 3. Rd1! (or Rd1+!)]
3. Rb3+!     Kc2
4. Rb4!       1-0
[The Black rook has nowhere to retreat but to take on b4]
[Did you understand why 1. a3!! but not 1. a4?]

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Chess endgame puzzle 33

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