Chess Puzzle 43

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Chess Puzzle 43: White to move and win
White to move and win
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Puzzle 43 Solution Hints
Try to catch the queen! It is possible to trap the Black queen in this position. If you are not rated at least 1400, you are recommended to read the puzzle hints that follow... Hint 1: Move the White rook to check and the Black king will have only one square to retreat (actually two squares, but one of them is bad because of the knight fork). Hint 2: Then find the brilliant move by the White king to prepare a powerful attack. Hint 3: At last, find the winning moves for each Black retreat.

Puzzle 43 Data
1. Author: Mikhail Platov
2. Year:    1903

About the Author
Vasily Platov (1881-1952) and Mikhail Platov (1883-1938) were brothers and the famous Latvian-Russian chess composers that teamed together to create chess endgames. In 1928 they wrote "Selection of Chess Studies." Mikhail Platov was the younger and lesser-known of the famous Platov brothers. He had said a wrong word about Stalin and was reported to NKVD. He died in a forced labor camp.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess Puzzle 43

The Puzzle Answer
1. Rf1+      Ke5
[1... Ke6? 2. Nc7+ 1-0]
2. Kg5!!     Qa2
[White made skewer threat 3. Rf5+ then 4. Rf6+]
[2... Kd5? 3. Nc7+ 1-0]
[2... b6? 3. Re1+ Kd5 4. Nc7+ 1-0]
[2... Qa8? 3. Re1+ Kd5 4. Nc7+ 1-0]
[Find how to win for White if 2... Qc6 (Qb6, Qe6, Qxb5, Qa5, or Qa4)]
[Always skewer threat or knight fork - learn]
3. Re1+      Kd5
4. Nc3+      1-0

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Catch the Queen! First, move the White rook to check. Then find the brilliant move by the White King to attack. At last,... Puzzle 43. Platov, M. Year - 1903.

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