Chess Puzzle 44

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Chess Puzzle 44: White to move and win
White to move and win
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Puzzle 44 Solution Hints
This is the famous study by Henry Otten that is less known but stands almost in the same raw as the famous endgame studies of Fernando Saavedra and Richard Reti. To win, White must promote a pawn. The right pawn looks less valuable. But the less valuable pawn maybe sacrificed to block the Black bishop. First move the left pawn... Having solved this famous endgame, learn the solution. This puzzle must give you a few ideas how to promote the pawn in this typical endgame position. Learn also for Black how Black must play in a try to prevent the promotion.

Puzzle 44 Data
1. Author: Henry Otten
2. Year:    1892

About the Author
Much is unknown about the life of Henry Otten, and some information may be not correct... Henry Otten (1855-1910) was born in Germany, near Bremen. He came to the US at the age of 16. Henry Otten was a strong chess player and is considered a famous composer on endgame study. His works were published in German and American chess magazines in the 1890s.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess Puzzle 44

The Puzzle Answer
1. a5       Bf8
2. Kd5     Bh6
[2. Kd5 is to secure c5, d6]
3. g5+!!   Bxg5
[3... Kxg5 a6 1-0]
[Pawn sacrifice with check and fork]
[to block the Black bishop - learn]

4. Ke4!    Bh4
5. Kf3!     1-0
[The bishop is not able prevent the promotion]

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Block the bishop. First, move on the leftmost pawn. The Bishop may intercept from c5 or e3. Sacrifice and place the king on d4. Author: Otten, Henry. Year: 1892. Puzzle 44.

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