Chess Puzzle 6

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Chess endgame puzzle 6
White to move and draw
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 6 Solution Hints
If the first move of White is wrong, Black will win by moving Ra1. See the position and try to understand why. It is very important for White to find the first, correct move... The White bishop is to go first moving next to the Black king. Unexpected but strong move. Learn and remember the first bishop move.

Puzzle 6 Data
1. Author: Ercole del Rio, Italian chess master.
2. Year:    1750

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 6

The Puzzle Answer
1. Bb6!!  ...
[The only defense against 1... Ra1]
Variant one:
1. ...      Kxb6
2. Rxb2+ Kc5
3. Rb1         1/2-1/2
Variant two:
1. ...      Ra1
2. Bg1!   Rxb1
[Stalemate] 1/2-1/2
[What was the purpose of the bishop move?]
[Learn and remember the bishop move 1. Bb6!!]

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Chess endgame puzzle 6

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