Chess Puzzle 8

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Chess endgame puzzle 8
White to move and draw
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 8 Solution Hints
Black is threatening to deliver mate in 2 1... Kg3 and 2... Re1#. The second threat is that of promoting the g2-pawn 1. Kf2? Rf8+ 2. Ke2 g1=Q. What is the best line for White in order to draw? Hint 1: White must play for stalemate in this endgame... The White king is to stay where it is, and the White rook to do the rest. Hint 2: First deliver check, and then use the crazy rook.

Puzzle 8 Data
1. Author: Alessandro Salvio
2. Year:    1634

About the Author
Alessandro Salvio (1570-1640) was an Italian chess player and the unofficial world chess champion around the year 1600.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 8

The Puzzle Answer
1. Rh7+   Kg3
2. Re7!    Ra8
[2... Rxe7? 1/2-1/2 draw by stalemate]
3. Ra7!    Rc8
4. Rc7!    1/2-1/2
[The White rook has turned crazy, and Black]
[may not take the rook because of stalemate.]
[This chess tactic is called the crazy rook ]
[sacrificing rook endlessly to draw by stalemate.]

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Chess endgame puzzle 8

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