Chess Puzzle 98

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Chess endgame puzzle 98
White to move and win
[See answer at the bottom]

Puzzle 98 Solution Hints
The rook vs bishop ending is a draw. In some cases, the rook might win it is a long way and sometimes 50 moves are not enough... Learn this beautiful chess endgame puzzle by Theodore Herlin to know this position and learn how the rook and king can beat the bishop. The first piece to move is the king... The rook must be ready to attack and deliver fork, skewer, and check to cut off the bishop from the king...

Puzzle 98 Data
1. Author: Theodore Adrien Louis Herlin
2. Year:    1862

About the Author
Theodore Herlin (1817-1889) was a French chess composer from Lille. Theodore Herlin published his first chess problem in 1845 and until 1860 all his original chess compositions were published under the name of "The Anonymous from Lille."

Puzzle Recommendations
You may solve this chess puzzle online or using a real chess board. Find the puzzle answer (the puzzle solution) below. Analyze the solution to see the best moves for White and Black and learn the winning ideas of the chess endgame.

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# Note: See the Puzzle Answer below #

Chess endgame puzzle 98

The Puzzle Answer
1. Kd4!     Ba2
[After the king attack, the bishop has the]
[next "safe" squares to retreat: a6, e2, d5, a2]
[1... Ba6 2. Rb6+ 1-0 ; 1... Be2 2. Re1 1-0]
2. Rb2!     Bd5
3. Rb6+    1-0
[The Black king was blocking its frienly bishop]

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chess ensgame puzzle 98

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