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1. Added:
Chess Puzzles 83 and 84 Beginners: Promote the pawn. White to move, play as White. Chess puzzles for beginners and casual chess players.
Checkmate Puzzles 85-86: Mate in 2, Mate in 2. The checkmate puzzles are taken from real games to improve your skill to deliver mate.
Unknown Way to Improve Your Chess Game: All you need is your computer, Internet connection, and a great service of this website. Learn!
Chess Puzzle 119 by Ladislav Prokesh, 1943: chess endgame puzzle for intermediate and advanced chess players to learn and master chess endgame.
Easy Chess Puzzles 101-102 (for Kids): Mate in 1, Mate in 1. White to move, play as White. These puzzles are designed for kids.

2. Changed:
• The link to download the FIDE Players Rating Lists for January 2018 (for General, Rapid, and Blitz tournaments) are available now (see Link 2 on this page).
• FIDE recalculated new ratings as of 1 January 2018 and the Current Top 10 FIDE Players List has changed (see the Current Top 10 FIDE Players List here).
Note. From 1 July 2012 the FIDE Rating List is published 12 times a year: on 1 January, 1 February, 1 March, 1 April, 1 May, 1 June, 1 July, 1 August, 1 September, 1 October, 1 November, and 1 December.

3. Removed:
• 2 links from the Chess Topics category of chess links web directory.

4. Planning:
• To update with new post on the Sicilian Defense chess opening.
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