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1. Added:
Easy Chess Puzzles 151-152 (for Kids): Win the queen. White to move, play as White. The next 2 puzzles for kids to learn chess tactics.
Chess Puzzles 89 and 90 Beginners: Win an exchange (rook for knight), Promote the pawn. White to move, play as White. Chess puzzles for beginners.
Checkmate Puzzles 89-90: On easy Mate in 3. The checkmate puzzles are taken from real games to improve your skill to deliver mate.
Unknown Way to Improve Your Chess Game: All you need is your computer, Internet connection, and a great service of this website. Learn!
Chess Puzzle 119 by Ladislav Prokesh, 1943: chess endgame puzzle for intermediate and advanced chess players to learn and master chess endgame.

2. Changed:
• The "857 Endgame Studies" software for Windows PC was renamed to "857 Chess Endgame Puzzles" and updated to version 1.57. It is a best compilation of endgame puzzles by famous composers for intermediate chess players to learn and remember new, unknown to the majority of chess players, winning ideas of chess endgame. You can find this software here.
• FIDE recalculated new ratings as of 1 July 2018 and the Current Top 10 FIDE Players List has changed (see the Current Top 10 FIDE Players List here).
Note. From 1 July 2012 the FIDE Rating List is published 12 times a year (on a monthly basis), on the 1st day of each month.
• The link to download the FIDE Players Rating Lists for July 2018 (for General, Rapid, and Blitz tournaments) are available now (see Link 2 on this page).

3. Removed:
• 2 links from the Chess Topics category of chess links web directory.

4. Planning:
• To update http://chess-openings-for-beginners.blogspot.com with new post on the Sicilian Defense chess opening.
• To update http://chess-video.blogspot.com with a new video.

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