FIDE Titles

1. To be awarded the FIDE Master Title, you don't need to have any Norms. The main requirement is to achieve a published rating at some time or other at:
- 2300 for the FIDE Master (FM) Title.
- 2100 for the Woman FIDE Master (WFM) Title.

2. To be awarded the Titles of Grandmaster and International Master is much more difficult. Usually, it is possible under the following 2 (two) conditions:
- A FIDE player must have 3 (three) 9-game Norms or equivalent.
- The FIDE player must "hit" the needed current rating.

3. Under the usual conditions, the player must "hit" the following current rating:
- 2500 for the Grandmaster (GM) Title.
- 2400 for the International Master (IM) Title.
- 2300 for the Woman Grandmaster (WGM) Title.
- 2200 for the Woman International Master (WIM) Title.

4. There are special cases when FIDE may award a Title or Norm. For example, if you become the Winner of a World Championship.

5. This is only a general picture. You can find the explanation on the FIDE Titles and Norms on Page 4 - Chess FIDE Elo Links. Link 1 named FIDE Handbook is what you need.